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Author Topic: Best Model for 2-channel Audio  (Read 762 times)


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Best Model for 2-channel Audio
« on: December 13, 2020, 10:41:46 AM »
I am looking for information/suggestions for which Zidou model would suit me best.

It will be used for playback of music videos (mainly ripped DVDs and BluRays) and 2-channel audio files (CDs ripped to Flac format)

I currently use a Popcorn Hour A-200 for playback of videos and a modified Logitech Squeezebox, which has a custom-built PSU, for the audio files. These both feed into a very good external DAC and Hi-Fi system (circa £20,000). Source files are all held on a NAS. The Squeezebox produces a superb audio signal rivaling top-end CD players.

So, as you can guess, my main priority is top-end audio performance.

I am sure any Zidou will do a fine job with video files, but, I was wondering if I can replace the 2 sources with one Zidou box and still get the audio performance I seek.

I am also a firm believer that the power supply plays a big part in performance and would ideally want a box that has a high quality one built-in. Otherwise, I would look to get a 3rd party one.

The quality of the in-built DAC is not really an issue as I will be taking output from Coax to external DAC.

I don't mind spending to get the right one, but, do not want to pay extra for features I don't really need (like 4K/UHD, DV, HDR)

The models that look like they will fit the bill are Z10, Z10 Pro and Z1000 Pro.

Do any of these have better audio performance via the Coax or are they all much the same?
Do any of these have better power supply than others?

Any information/suggestions would be most welcome!

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Re: Best Model for 2-channel Audio
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2021, 08:48:57 AM »
Sorry to say but all models mentioned will perform identical what you really need is the UHD3000.
Z1000 Pro has a bigger PSU but no way near the Linear PSU with UHD3000.

Using an External DAC as good as it may be is is not the same as having it built-in regarding user-friendliness. The UHD3000 can also be used as an external DAC via USB (forget about inferior SPDIF).
The sound matches with far more expensive brand streamers and stand alone DAC's. 
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