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Author Topic: Zidoo OpenWRT SMB server won't talk with Dinobot/Egreat/Himedia SMB clients  (Read 1437 times)

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The Hisillicon SDK still uses SMBv1 only for SMB Client support on all platforms using it. I think that should be upgraded ASAP. Also the Android v7 implementations only include SMBv1 clients.  :(
Realtek OpenWRT will not only talk to W10 clients but also to an old Eminent media player running SMBv1 Client, but that is an old Realtek based SOC.
Media players make excellent NAS servers today. They handle multiple streams very well and can fill a Gigabit Ethernet using SMB or FTP in practice. I really prefer a NAS with multiple plug&Play HDD's rather than a RAID setup (lot more flexible).   ;)

I know how to enable insecure SMBv1 Server on my W10 PC and that talks then to my Egreat A10/A11 but not to my Zidoo OpenWRT running SMBv1/v2/v3 Server.

So difficult who to blame here. OpenWrt behaving somewhere different than W10 or Egreat SMBv1.5 being picky.
The client will find the SMB Server, get access and next will show the corrects mounts on it. The problem is it sees only root (..) and won't find resources on these mounts. An exception is the system drive which works fine.

Fist step provided to me by friend @E_CS
On HiSilicon SDK SMB
-- support up to dialect 1.5 for server/client and Android 5.1.1
-- support up to dialect 3.1.1 for server on Android 7.0 and client same as Android 5.1.1

A7 based SMB Server  also still reports the wrong free space as in the past under A5.
What I get reported is -1K of -1K free free. This is the wrong/no HDD size and wrong/no free space reporting. That is very bad as many W10 applications will then refuse to write to it. As far as I remember the old version under A5 reported a fixed positive value. So maybe it still does so when connecting via a SMBv1 client (did not try that)?

HiSilicon SMB Server <==> W10 SMB Client
Realtek SMB Server <==> W10 SMB Client
W10 SMB Server <==> Realtek SMB Client
W10 SMB Server <==> HiSillicon SMB Client
HiSilicon SMB Server <===> Realtek SMB Client
Realtek SMB Server <=X=> HiSillicon SMB Client
So the SMB implementations are not 100% Windows compliant/identical! :)

Fact: Hisillicon SDK based SMB client implementations will not talk to Realtek SMB Server implementations on any brand/product/FW.
This for all brand media players using these: Hisillicon(Himedia/Dinobot/Dune), Realtek (Zidoo, Xtreamer) using OpenWRT SMB Server
As all mentioned products are or have been sold recently by Futeko this looks like a good place to analyse/remedy this nasty fact.  ;D
The crazy thing all Servers/Clients from both Hisillicon and Realtek do talk correctly in any direction with Windows10 using SMB. Apparently that was made to work as the basis.
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Re: Zidoo OpenWRT SMB server won't talk with Dinobot/Egreat/Himedia SMB clients
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Updated with latest FW's used on all products. Now one way working!


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