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Author Topic: Alternative DAC solution to Zidoo UHD2000/X20 Pro (Dune HD Ultra 4K / Eweat R11)  (Read 3182 times)

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Hi Nice Monkey, i owned both himedia q5pro and zidoo z9s and used the usb audio player pro on both. In himedia i can access my pc via samba/network but not my zidoo z9s. Do you have any idea or solution ? Thanks in advance.
Frankly I do the reverse. That is to say do access my Zidoo (as a NAS running OpenWRT SMB) from my PC and other players.
The Z9S uses a lot less power and has a lot less security risks as there is nothing critical on the player and or HDD's attached.
The only condition is it needs to be wired via gigabit.

When more is known will also add today's announced Zidoo UHD2000 media player. Also that one uses similar high-end components with a linear PSU and a XMOS processor for USB interfacing.
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Thank you Nice Monkey for your prompt response. Finally i managed to access my network folder on my pc from zidoo z9s. It just that i've forgotten to input the windows 10 login pincode. Previously my network folder was mounted to Q5pro via a batch file from the computer. Hence the setting is different.
As for the OpenWRT SMB, it is too complicated for me and also unnecessary for me now as i do not run my Zidoo as a NAS.


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