Zidoo UHD2000
Professional 4K HDR media box with XMOS ESS DAC, 2x 3.5” HDD, 2x HDMI, auto res + framerate switching, UHD/BD menus, Hi-Fi audio, linear PSU and Zidoo media interface.

Author Topic: In stock ~ 15th August.  (Read 789 times)

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In stock ~ 15th August.
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:26:23 PM »
Dinobot U5 Mini will be in stock ~ 15th August.

We've been testing it a lot and it's a great little box. Think of it as a HiMedia Q5 Pro with updated OS (Android TV based on Android 7), integrated DVB tuner, dual boot Android/Enigma2, more internal storage, and a Bluetooth voice airmouse/remote.

As with Dinobot's previous U5 PVR product based on the same HiSilicon chipset, the firmware implementation is excellent. It runs fast (it feels faster than HiMedia boxes) and the Android TV OS is much better for day-to-day usage on a TV.

We've tested many apps and everything runs as expected. Most apps are now available via Play Store for Android TV but for those that aren't (notably BBC iPlayer) you can install the apps by USB.

The IR/Bluetooth remote/airmouse/voice remote is not the highest quality, but is feature packed and works well with Android TV. Setup is very easy.

The box comes with the HiSilicon file browser and video player. This is identical to that used in recent HiMedia Android 7 firmwares. Auto framerate switching works exactly as recent HiMedia firmwares. The HiMedia custom patches (as found on our forum) are not compatible.

Kodi does not have a wrapper so you are limited to Kodi internal player. This means lower performance (it struggles with some 4K video), no MVC 3D, and 5.1 audio max.

Youtube is 4K and Netflix is HD.

We've tested the DVB tuner with UK Freeview (DVB-T2) only. It works fine. The Android TV live TV app is from Google and is a bit basic but functional. Other apps can be installed if you wish.

We aren't really familiar with Enigma2, but it boots fast and scans/display TV as you'd expect. You can install all sorts of plugins, none of which we have tested. Switching between Android TV and Enigma2 is as easy as pressing one of the coloured buttons on the remote immediately after the box is powered up.

Any more questions or stuff you want testing please ask.
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