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Author Topic: Egreat H10 Setup / Configuration  (Read 796 times)


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Egreat H10 Setup / Configuration
« on: May 03, 2018, 09:10:52 AM »

Could anyone with experience offer some support or advice in relation to a rather immediate issue that I am facing with a Egreat H10 splitter.

I received my H10 last weekend and proceeded to connect between the latest generation Nvidia Shield, LG OLED and ageing Yamaha Receiver RX-V565 (It has it where it counts in terms of sounding exactly like I want it to; thus the rationale for this purchase to prolong its use).

I have connected very simply in terms of:

1. Removing the hdmi output from the receiver; that originally connected it to the LG TV.
2. Connecting sound output of splitter to an input on the receiver and main output of splitter to the LG TV.
3. Connecting output of the NVidia Shield to the input of the splitter.

The initial result was that everything seemed to work as expected. With 4K HDR being passed through the splitter to the LGTV and HD Audio streams passing nicely to the Yamaha receiver. The issue that I have been having is that the audio frequently stops for short duration; a couple of times per hour or several times during any given movie. The loss of audio occurs no matter what resolution, video or sound format is playing at the time; and does not occur if bypassing the splitter.

I have absolute confidence that the splitter is the component that is dropping the audio as unit appears to reset itself or indeed turn off (requiring turning back on... this is very disruptive). As of yesterday; the unit turned off and I am thus far unable to get it to turn back on.

Is there anything that I may be missing in terms of needing to hard reset or reconfigure the unit or does this sound like a faulty unit? (These things happen!)

Any advice from those having such experience would be well received


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