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Author Topic: Install LibreELEC on MeCool KI PRO  (Read 12921 times)

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Install LibreELEC on MeCool KI PRO
« on: October 18, 2017, 10:59:10 AM »
LibreELEC is Linux Kodi built by the community for various Android hardware. It is better than Android Kodi because it is faster and some hardware features work which are unavailable in Android. e.g.:

* Resolution switching.
* Framerate switching in native player.
* 7.1 HD-Audio.

KI PRO, and it's S905D chipset, has amongst the best support from LibreELEC of any product. It works flawlessly with minimal set up. All the KI PRO's excellent range of hardware features (DVB [except T2 HD channels], 7.1 Audio, 4K, HDR etc) work as expected.

Android 7.1 KI PRO here:

This thread is a guide to installing LibreELEC on an Android 7.1 KI PRO. There is a separate guide to getting the DVB/PVR function working:

This process installs LibreELEC to a bootable micro-SD card with the micro-SD card used as storage for LibreELEC. It makes no change to your Android install and LibreELEC can be 'uninstalled' simply by removing the micro-SD card.

There is an excellent generic guide to installing LibreELEC here:

1. Download LibreELEC image.

The latest LibreELEC image can be downloaded from here:

The latest version (8.2 at time of writing) has KI PRO DVB drivers and is the best one to install.

For version 8.2, download this:

Extract the .img file from the .img.gz archive using 7zip or similar. You'll end up with a file with .img extension a bit like LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-8.1.10.img

2. Burn image to micro-SD card

This stage writes the downloaded LibreELEC image to a micro-SD card. The card should be as fast as possible and 4GB or bigger. The bigger the card the more storage you'll have available in LibreELEC.

For this stage you'll need an image writing application on PC/Mac/Linux. The most common app on Windows is Rufus. See here: Similar apps are available for Mac/Linux.

Burn the .img file to the micro-SD card. You should end up with a micro-SD card with two partitions, the smaller one being 512MB. The second partition might be invisible on your system so don't worry if you only see one.

The 512MB partition should contain these files:

3. Copy across the correct device tree for KI PRO

You now need the correct device tree for KI PRO. The device tree configures LibreELEC for a specific device. Luckily, KI PRO has a custom device tree all ready to go.

For version 8.2, see here (KI PRO is Amlogic S905D based):

For version 8.2, download this:

Rename gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb to dtb.img and copy into the root directory of the 521MB partition. Overwrite the existing larger dtb.img.

4. Copy across the correct remote config for KI PRO

The KI PRO IR remote will not work by default with LibreELEC (RF mice/keyboards will work) so a config file for it needs to be added to the micro-SD card.

Download this:

Copy the remote.conf file to the root of your LibreELEC micro-SD card.

The 512MB partition should now look like this:

Your bootable KI PRO LibreELEC micro-SD card is now ready to go!

5. First boot into LibreELEC

Insert your LibreELEC micro-SD card into the KI PRO micro-SD card slot.

Power up the KI PRO whilst pressing the restore pinhole button located on the base. The button can be pressed using a pin/paperclip or similar. It has a noticeable click when pressed. Hold the restore button pressed until you see the LibreELEC logo.

If everything has gone according to plan you will see a LibreELEC logo and some info text at top left of screen.

Allow the install to complete, it should take around 2 minutes using a fast SD card.

After a reboot you will land at the LibreELEC first boot setup screen.

Samba should be turned on if you want to set up DVB/PVR, as per this guide:
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Re: Install LibreELEC on MeCool KI PRO
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2017, 10:48:48 AM »
    some Tips  ;)

    suggested microSDHC cards  work well with AML Hardware:
    • Samsung EVO(+), Sandisk
    • Lexar 300x Class 10 U1

Best simple Mod for a faster LibreELEC on a Dual boot box - [HOW TO] Boot from SD card, use internal eMMC for data store

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