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Author Topic: New mediaplayer, prio picture quality and easy set up  (Read 650 times)


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New mediaplayer, prio picture quality and easy set up
« on: December 11, 2019, 09:27:36 AM »
hey everyone,

I´m new here on the forum and would appreciate some input from You:

I have a qnap nas with photos/films/Music, I use homeplugs in my house to transfer the files to my system (better 2-channel/hifi system so no need for multichannels).

Years ago I had a Dune mediaplayer (forgot the name), it always worked flawless with mkv´s and texting.

When I bought a new tv ca 2 years ago (Philips 65 Oled), I tried the internal mediaplayer and the picture Quality was much better compared to the Dune but bigger files (even 1080 remux), was not running very well and scenes were frozen after a while, 4 k was frozen just after seconds, also tried with Cable direct from router but no difference compared to homeplug.

The dune did never freeze on bigger 1080 files (4k not possible), so the mediaplayer in the tv is the bottleneck and also the way to handle the files in the integrated player is bad of course.

So I will buy a new mediaplayer nad need some help here (thank´s).

I´m right now trying a Apple 4k with infuse, it´s easy and the 4k Quality is really good but the 1080 is not as good as in the Philips own player (crystal clear" but issues with playing.)
apps not so sharp as in the Philips so I will return the Apple player.

my prios are:

Picture Quality and easy set up/handling, some nice apps like netflix,youtube,etc would also be nice, but these apps and more I guess all the players have, can all players send 4k in apps?

Music: is an option (not necessary I can run this separate) but nice, spotify and other Music would be nice, I have a nice hifi system with a separate tube dac (AMR),

Zidoo,Dune, Himedia,Zapitti,etc,etc, it´s a Little jungle out there,


I just looked a Little bit in the models (on Futeko´s homepage), they look nice and seems to have a good support (software)

Newest players run with 1296 chip and the older ones with the 1295, If You Watch 1080 mkv and 4k 265 (with hdr and without), anny huge differences in Picture? other things?


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