Dune HD Pro Vision 4K Solo
Dune ecosystem Ultra-HD 4K HDR Media Player. Dolby Vision, HDR10+. 3.5” HDD bay. 2xHDMI.

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It does sound like buffering, certainly shouldn't happen with SD/1080p over Gigabit ethernet.

Possibly a problem with the NAS? Does it work with playback on other devices?

On the Dune the only setting I can think of that might make a difference is Settings - System - Others - Performance mode.

Also, make sure you have latest firmware installed, here:

Thanks for your reply, I've owned older DUNE HD player for years, and never had this issue. So it's not with PC, or cable or network... I literally unplugged all the connectors from the old Dune box and reconnected everything to the new one.

I've also contacted Dune via email, they told me to file a bug report when this happens again...

Thanks for the advice on setting, will try...

I'm testing my new Dune HD Pro 4K II bought from here last week
and came across several issues, some cosmetic, some are minor annoyances
but there's one that's sort of a showstopper for me!

It happened twice already, I was playing a movie for my kid,  from my PC connected with the gigabyte ethernet cable, just a regular SMB shared folder and suddenly playback stopped. The picture was frozen on a frame but there was no way to resume playback.

When I pressed the exit / back button, it took about a minute to come back to the file list browser view.
After that, I was able to play the file again.

The first time this happened I was playing movie Moana (2GB file 1080p mkv format)
Second time this happens it was playing some older series in SD resolution and .avi format and it happened after playing the third episode.

maybe there's an issue with some kinda of a buffer getting full when playing from NAS, and stoping the playback?

Any ideas on how to fix this?

We will update this thread at least every week with latest news.


All existing pre-orders for Dune Pro 4K II will be despatched on 17-JUL.

To best manage the despatch of these pre-orders we have stopped taking any new pre-orders. When the pre-orders have all been despatched on 17-JUL we will have some Pro 4K II stock and will resume normal service.

Any updates ? it is now supposed to be coming in November? How reliable is this information?

General / Which Media Player
« on: October 20, 2020, 12:38:08 PM »
I have currently Dune HD and Minix Android box setup. I use Dune to play movies/series from PC via ethernet cable, and Minix to play stuff off Kodi, Youtube, Amazon Prime etc. They're both connected to my surround amp via optical/spdif cable.

The problem is that recently I'm getting a lot of "format not supported" messages from Dune HD , when trying to play some video formats. So I'm looking for a replacement media player, in the ideal case, for both of these devices.

Since I'm familiar with Dune, I'm gravitating towards Dune HD Pro 4K II, but if there's a better player that's better value for money and does everything I need...  I'd like to hear your suggestions?

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