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HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Q10 Pro HDD not in network on laptop
« on: October 01, 2021, 11:29:27 AM »
Hello everybody,

My Q10 Pro is in my LAN network, recently i placed an internal SD harddisk in it.
On my television I can see the USB sticks and the SD disk in mediaplayer and folder managers.
I also can copy or move media on the Q10 looking at the TV and it plays media correctly.

On my laptop in the network I can see the Q10 and the fixed Q10 folders Video, Music etc.

But I can't see the other storage like HDD and USB to copy media to my Q10 via network.
Samba is on and I tried several options with Android apps and in Windows 10 on my laptop.
Can someone give me a clue what to do to work on the storage in Q10 Pro via laptop on network?

Many thanx in advance!


HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Re: Q5/Q10 Pro Official Firmware
« on: November 15, 2018, 09:45:32 PM »

Okee, thank you, I understand i do not have to install every past improvement piece by piece than!
I will try to find 2.0.4 and start from there!

Thank again!


You have to install first version 2.0.4 "Q10 PRO RUNNING  ANDROID 5.1 FIRMWARE VERSION 1.0.7 - 1.1.0", after you let the box boot at least one time install the latest 2.1.0. You can get the links in the first page of this topic.
Upgrading using the restore button method is recommended, backup any data that you need first.


HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Re: Q5/Q10 Pro Official Firmware
« on: November 15, 2018, 12:13:10 PM »
Dear People,

I own a HiMedia Q10 Pro, but i never updated it or changed firmware...
Now i want to update it in hope for improvement.

Android version: is 5.1.1
Kernel version is: 3.18.24
Build is:

Can i upgrade to Android 7 and is it improving my player?
Do i have to install all previous updates first?

I hope someone will help me!

Sorry for being a noob in this!

Many thanx in advance!



Thanx for the reply, i had no forummessage about it. No, my Q10 is not going down only the music to AVR signal from the Denon. The Q10 pauzes untill i put TV on again and can continue playing, but i like to play music with TV off, like in music video's. There it works perfectly. About "In you AV receiver select source to SPDIF when you just want to listen to music." Do you mean i have to select that every time when i want to play music or keep it that way? I downloaded Android VLC Player also and tried it with this player. Same problem TV off, music stops...

Hello people,

I have a problem with my mediaplayer playback...

Maybe it is known here, but i could not find it... First my cables in the Q10 Pro:
Analog cinch to AVR for Zone2, HDMI to AVR for image and Fiber s/p Dif to AVR for audio.
Television is wired through AVR on HDMI.

Now my problem:  When i play/stream a music dvd or videofiles and only want to listen music, i turn off the TV and the music continues.
When i play/stream only music/audio only files through the Q10 Pro and i turn off the TV, my AVR system shuts down and the music stops.

I have been looking for solutions everywhere, but is seems unsolvable.

It looks like there are 2 different players at work, but they work different.
And i  like to start selecting music on the TV from the right folder and then shut down TV!

Now i only can listen to music streams from my computer with the TV on!

Does anybody recognize this and maybe have a clue or solution for me!

Many thanx in advance!


HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Dimming the front
« on: April 19, 2017, 10:06:37 PM »
Hello everybody,

Does anybody know how to dim the time and timings light on the front of the HM Q10 pro?
I like the display, but i think it is to bright.

Many Thanx in advance!


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