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So I have installed this ATV launcher and everything works till the next reboot, than the launcher is set back to HiMedia's default. How can I make the custom launcher permanent?

There was no trouble with this in OFW 2.1.1, so is there some magic trick I must do on 2.1.7?

Thank you!


So I've mentioned this some time before on this Forum, but didn't get any attention or suggestions to fix, so here's my second try, because it's rather being annoying:

Neither form SMB, nor from NFS shares the playback of .m2ts extension videos with the KODI+Wrapper solution isn't working (black screen with "Video Problem" prompt). For all the other video formats and extensions the Wrapper is OK, and the .m2ts just plays otherwise fine with simply the Media Center.

Is there any solution or workaround for this problem?



So here's what happened: an user tried to update from official 2.1.4 to 2.1.7 with the paperclip method, but it somehow failed and the Box had stuck with a blank blue screen and still unusable since. Plugging off/on the adapter doesn't helped, nor to trying to reinstall the 2.1.4 FW, the box seems totally unresponsive. The lights are on like this on the front panel.

The 2.1.7 FW was downloaded from the Forum's link.

Please advice what could have possibly go wrong and a solution to try to fix it!


On HiMedia's official Hungarian (dealers) support Forum, there have been a new (said as) official 2.1.5 firmware published. ->Link

I won't translate the whole stuff, please use your browsers translator to read the changelog.

(The title says 2.1.6, but the Device info shows 2.1.5, but I guess this doesn't matter much).

One think to aware: as it seams based on some Chinese FW version the Google services related apps aren't integrated! (Which could be fixed with a corresponding new patch, that adds these services, but the link to the patch on the bottom of the first post is somehow dead now...)
There's also a new (other?) patch published a bit earlier: Link

The title says it's for the 2.1.4 FW, but it's unclear at the moment if this patch is identical with the patch mentioned above, or is it a completely different one... ???

So my questions regarding if anyone (including Futeko!) have tried or even heard/read from these before and if so, than what experiences does one have that worth to share here?

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Using HDD as default storage
« on: April 12, 2020, 08:48:54 AM »

So there came up a new demand with the Q5 Pro to have the USB attached HDD used as the "Default storage", that preferably would mean that it will be automatically used for downloads instead of the internal stock flash memory. The "Default storage" option in the Settings->More menu have been set to the HDD already, but tying downloads give a message that "There's not enough space", tho' for real there's plenty of course.

What is the trick here, how to get this workaround properly?



So on another forum, an user have freshly bought a Q10 Pro from Gearbest and reported, that he has some kind of strange FW version installed: 2.1.4 2019-09-10.-150132. The Box seems to be EU/inter version as he reads 16GB for the storage in the Device info.

Comparing to all know FW's so far, including the Customs and the Officials posted here, the date and the build number just didn't mach up with any of them. Checked also the Chinese official 2.1.4 FW numbers and it also didn't mach up with these. There's also no PlayStore installed on the Box by default.

So what kind of FW could this really be? We suspect, that this could be some kind of Chinese version, but we have no clues at all to identify it for sure. And in this case what would be you advice, to have the original EU/Inter FW installed without any risks of bricking the Box?

Thanks for the replies!

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / VC-1 decoding stutters.
« on: July 21, 2019, 04:40:11 AM »
I have some videos in VC-1 codec with 25fps and interlaced. These have a hard time stutter with Q10 Pro.  Some reported back, that with previous FW (2.0.6) it seems OK, but for me with OFW 2.1.1 it's just unwatchable. I can provide a sample if necessary. 

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Default audio and subtitle track flags ignored
« on: February 03, 2019, 05:10:56 AM »
So, the title says everything. When I play a video with HiMedai Player the "default track flags" in the video are ignored and instead of starting with these audio and subtitle track it starts playing with the first tracks in the video file sorted by number ahead.

Changing the track manually during playback works of course, but it's still somewhat inconvenient bug, all other, even very basic video players can handle track flags correctly, so that's not an unusual expectation, and needs to be reported to HiMedai for fixing.



So it has been reported by another user that the in-built Bt + Headphone doesn't work reliable in many cases with Q5 Pro or Q10 Pro.

So is it possible to use some kind of USB Bt dongle to use it with Bt Headphones to play through the audio during video playback with HiMedia Player?

Anyone have tried some yet?

Thank you!


Maybe I will buy something like the FiiO D03K external SPDIF->stereo RCA analogue DAC converter to gain some higher sound quality out of the box for my active stereo speakers.

As this DAC has no DD and DTS decoder implemented and can only accept 2.0 PCM signal, I would ask about, if in the case of videos with 5.1 DD or DTS audio track, will there be any sound processed through the SPDIF (optical or coax) outputs?

There's the LPCM setting for the SPDIF out in the Settings menu, but if I set "HBR" option to "Auto", will it convert the 5.1 DD and DTS audio to 2.0 PCM acceptable for the external DAC?

And will this conversion also work in the case of DD Plus (E-AC3) and DD Plus Atmos tracks? 

Anyone tested it yet the way I've described?


HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / All Subtitle formats and bugs testing
« on: December 26, 2018, 05:34:40 PM »

I have made another, extended (v2.0) subtitle bug test-pack (mostly for testing with the latest OFW 2.1.0), can be downloaded from here:

What can be tested (tests in order in the subtitles):

1. Are all lines displayed (and for enough time) and not skipped, in the case when they are very closely timed to each other.

2. Are lines displayed with correct timing, and is the "freeze till next line" bug fixed in the case of embedded subs?

3. Are the italic subtitles displayed correctly or is the bug, when they're showed between the <i></i> characters still present? And are the CAPITAL characters displayed correctly?

4. In the case of y j p g q characters, is there a "slip-under" between the space in the two subtitle lines?

And also relevant if: Are the .sup (PGS) and .ass (PGS), subtitles recognized, loaded and displayed with the correct character formatting?
Test 1. is the most important in the case of OFW 2.1.0. Please test also with the .txt and with the .ass subtitle, as it may work fine, despite that the .srt subtitle will produce line-skipping. (As reported before).

All questions are relevant for both the embedded and the external subtitles.

There are 4 embedded and 4 external subtitles for the test video included (.srt, .txt, .ass (PGS), sup (PGS). The video is prolonged so you have time to load up the next test subtitle and rewind the video after you have tested the current subtitle and restart the test with the next one. It won take much more than 15 minutes to test all of them in order.

It would be great if someone could test this, and report back the results, thank you!

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Q10 Pro and External DAC question
« on: November 13, 2018, 10:43:31 AM »

As the Pro Boxes have an audio slip issue on the analogue outputs, and also to gain a bit more SQ compared to the Box's internal DAC with the possibility of advancing later to an analogue 5.1 speaker system, I've got in my mind to buy an 5.1 external DAC to use with the Box.

The ones I've spotted so far: Link 1 and Link 2

The purpose is to send DD and DTS passthrough (and if possible stereo PCM/LPCM) with Coax or optical to these DAC's.

My questions:

1. Have here anyone ever used these or some other similar with the same purpose?

2. These have no support for DD+ and DD Atmos (only DD and DTS is stated), so I guess with RAW passthrough I won't get any sound in these cases, right? But as a workaround, will the "SPDIF LPCM conversion" setting on HiMedia work in this case? Cause SPDIF only support 2.0 channel (L)PCM audio, but in HiMedia Settings there's no 2.0 downmix option for LPCM. So what will happen in these cases?

3. I can't read anywhere in the specs if these DAC's have support also for LPCM and not just only for PCM. Any clues on this?
Cause the HiMedia Box has only LPCM output setting, but no "simple" PCM.

Thanks for the answers in advance, and any other tipp/suggestions regarding some other type of working and worthy external DAC's are also welcome!

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Q5 Pro won't boot after FW update
« on: November 05, 2018, 05:12:16 PM »

I'm writing this in the name of an  another user, who's got presumably the OFW 2.0.0 before and than tried to directly flash to the latest 2.1.0, and now he's Box is stuck at the HiMedia logo boot screen.

He's not so sure if he's got 2.0.0 previously, just presuming he did.

What's the procedure in this case to get back the system running?


HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Unable to start PlayStore
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:20:42 PM »

I'm running OFW 2.0.6 and have PlayStore working properly since the fw came out. But on another forum some with the same 2.0.6 fw have run in a problem with PlayStore as it won't even start on their Boxes (strangely).

They have tried with uninstalling the PlayStore with the method described for apps in the FAQ, also with clearing the Google cache, but no success. One have even made a fresh FW reinstall. Than downloaded the latest version of PlayStore from APK Mirror and installed the apk manually, but all of these were unsuccessful, PlayStore remained unlaunchable.

What would be your solution or suggestion to make it work again?

(Please don't suggest the FW update, cause regarding the other known issues with the newer versions, we have many good reasons to stuck with the 2.0.6. And as I've being with, I'm also running 2.0.6 and PS works for me totally normal.)

The one they didn't try yet is to uninstall PlayStore with the adb shell method described here. But not sure regarding what kind of app and supplementary files will be necessary to make it work. ???

So it seemed for years that the HiMedia Player doesn't support external PGS (BD sup) subtitles, just the embedded ones. You just can't select it inside the HiMedia Player if it has the filename extension .sup (as it originally would be) as it's not recognized and won't even show up on the list.

But if you just rename the file extension to .ass, than the HiMedia Player will recognize it (as External PGS) and it's working just like the embedded PGS sup's would, without any problem, so even the special font style formatting remains as it should be.

For me it's a huge relief, as I used to like and use my own, specially styled PGS subtitles and from now, I don't have to mux them every time in the video file before playback.  ;D

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