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Because I cannot use my Pro and have to use the Q5 4K again, I recognized that with the same connections, the Q5 4k sometimes out of the nothing has constant Audio dropouts when playing a DTS MKV. If it begins only a Newstart of the Q5 and my Yamaha RX1050 solves this problem.
I cannot see any reason, why this happens, but it only happens sometimes and only with DTS MKVs.
however with other players (Q10 Pro, Dune Solo 4K)  this does not happen.

Any ideas?

Hello Futeko

Meanwhile after futher six months, Himedia was not able to correct the following bug:

When playing 1080p 24Hz movies and you push the TV Mode button it still shows 720p 50Hz Frame packing.  :-[

Will that anywhen be corrected, or will that stay like it is?


Yesterday with newest MakeMKV I ripped three movies in full 1080p (no cropped picture) 23.976 with DD Atmos 7.1.
The Gunman, San Andreas & Mad Max Fruy Road
Only the main movie in MKV with 1080p, with DD Atmos 7.1 and Subtitles.

All three movies played directly from my USB Fantec Case are playing in slowmotion.
That means the sound is alright DD Atmos 7.1, but the picture is running in slowmotion. This looks like about 4 pictures per second.
On the Q10 Pro these MKV files are played very well!
Where is the fault?
Isn't the Q5 4K able to play full HD files with Atmos 7.1?

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Fast, constant and easy SAMBA App?
« on: May 20, 2016, 07:31:59 AM »

I know, we have a very easy one click SAMBA Service on our Q10 Pro, but I have the problem, that sometimes the LAN Copy rate is 24MB/s (not bad), but sometimes I only have 2.5MB/s (very bad). That is not very constant. I could not find out what the reason was for that inconsitance.
Most of the time it happens, when I switched on the Q10 Pro, did 30 to 60 minutes nothing, and then wanted to copy movies.
When I at once  after switching it on copied files, it always was fast, I could even watch movies and the copy rate was high.
Perhaps someone has an Idea, why the Pro has this behaviour.
I could imagine, that perhaps a energie Saver runs after 30 minutes, and has a bug, so that it does not wake up correct... don't know.

So I have a Pro with a USB Fantec 4 bay HDD case.
Now I am looking for a stable, fast, constant and easy to setup SAMBA App.

Is there an App that is able to do that?

Hallo Futeko

I am playing around with the Imprex Engine Settings, but I do not see many changes/results.

Can you first describe, what exactly for the Imprex Engine is (for me it looks, as if it is just for 3D).
Second, please explain all single setting points of the (I think) about 7 or 8 items of the Imprex Engine.
Some items cannon be read, so I only can guess, what their names should mean.  :o
Thank you.  :)

Hello Futeko and Himedia

I am thinking since many weeks about this theme, and I got a result.

I think, first, that Autoframerate Switching should detect the framerate of a movie only by the checking the Framerate of the header's videofile and output the Hz.
So for Autoframerate Switching the Software should only detect the Framerate in the header of a video file, and then set the framerate of this movie, without looking at any resolution. So we always have the corret framerate for the movie.

Second I think, that there should be created an Auto Resolution Switching and a fix Resolution detection resp. Output.
If you choose Fix Resolution, as you now can do, ALL source resolutions should be upscaled but too downscaled (f.e. From UHD to HD) by the Himediaplayer Hardware and beeing outputted in the wished resolution.
If you choose Auto Resolution, the Himediaplayer Hardware according to the resolution does nothing, it passes the resolution throug to the TV, and the TV upscales and downscales the material. Perhaps some day a very good TV does the Up/Downscaling better, than the HiMediaplayer. I don't know.

So for all times Framerate Autoswitching could be solved, no matter, what resolution is detected and what else the future brings.

If there too will be an Auto Resolution could be created, everybody could choose, which engine should upscale resp. Downscale and output the wished  resolution.

But this only is a proposal.

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / System UI ended all three seconds
« on: April 29, 2016, 09:33:19 AM »

I have installed the Nova Lauchner and on the Desktop I have the Week aCalendar Widget installed.
If the is a reminder with Sound, at the same moment  there pops up all three seconds in a never ending loop:
"System UI ended"

If I click on OK in three seconds it pops up again.
Only thing you can do, is to switch off the Q10 Pro.

Is it possible to switch off such reminders or reminder sounds or should this be corrected in an Firmware Update?
Is there any solution out there?

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / In MKV 24Hz absolutely not possible!!
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:01:44 PM »
After meanwhile reinstalling the Firmware 5 times. it was not possible to let the player play 1080p, or 720p or even SD MKV material in 24 Hz.
It only plays in the Hz, that is set in the options.
it isn't possible in Kodi 15.2 & 16.1 and it isn't possible in Himedia MediaPlayer.
No chance, even if there isn't any change, only installing Firmware, (no Changes) only starting Kodi, exit, starting wrapper, exit, setting 24Hz in however 50Hz or 60 Hz and only the set Hz is played, not one time I saw the Q10 Pro play MKVs or AVIs in 24Hz.

Is this a Firmware bug?

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