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A10 remote it's better choice for good playback experience onA5, but with this  patch maps the remote button '0' to STOP and other command with A5 remote.

This patch is only for Egreat A5 with last firmware

Latest version:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/m2d8bqdo3o37zxd/Egreat_A5_Key_map_0.6.rar/file


- Windows PC to run the batch file at command prompt.
- A5 connected to same network as PC and the IP address of  A5 (Settings - General).


- download file
- unzip
- duble click run_me.bat
- insert IP address of A5
- digit 1 or 2 for select template
- press enter
- A5 reboot it' done!

Template 1:

I have found this simple,nice and smart home/louncher... It means a good alternative



Google have release new  YouTube for Android TV  2.00.17 for ARM soc, now video start at 1440/2160P.

YouTube for Android TV v2.0 review

For display  "nerd statistics" :

1. Start the video
2. Switch OFF the mouse. (That's why I could not get it working!)
3. Press the central OK button
4. Use the 'left arrow' key to select 'more options', press OK
5. The 'stats for nerds' icon is on the last on the right, press OK

About  Search function  and crash

Disable  access to microphone, so it will not crash.

Or you can install Google Now from Play Store to fix it, HiMedia FW :
  • 1.0.3-2.0.3 install Google Search, CFW 1.0.3-2.0.3 already installed.
  • Don't install Google Search on HiMedia FW/CFW 2.0.4., Disable  access to microphone

Archos is very simple,leanback and good media center, it's not kodi level obvious, but it can be a good  alternative.

Google+ support group

Dolby True HD OK
Dolby Atmos OK

Android Media player report :
What's WORK:
- internal subtitle work,but  not always
- Auto Switch FPS
- HD audio
- ExpressX Video engine, to enable Pop-menu use Remote Patch

What's Not support:
-  ISO/BDMV 2D and 3D


For enable Auto-swtich FPS and HD audio MUST BE select Android Media player decoding, following this step:

Step 0: install app Archos Video Player from play store

Step 1: Go to setting and  Press several times ok button to "Force software decoding"

Step 2: now software decoding became "Choose Decoder"

Step 3:  choose "Android Media player",  now Archos Video Player use himedia core player.

Step 4:  Enable Audio Passtrough

Step 5: Enable TV interface and small hdpi

enjoy your new media center  :)

the patch is the same for Q5/Q10 4K 3D and  Q5/Q10 Pro
follow the reference post

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Himedia Q10 pro & PLEX: HD audio and 24p !
« on: June 26, 2016, 09:52:45 AM »
with big surprise with Plex playback HD audio and auto switch 24p (23.976hz) work without issue  ???

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Himedia q10 pro and Auto-swtich fps
« on: May 03, 2016, 11:07:35 AM »
This is Official list shared with himedia about  Auto-switch fps with HimediaVideoPlayer :

This is the reference page where download test file http://kodi.wiki/view/Samples, before post some issues try this common file.

The most important   format work( tested ):

1080p 23,976 fps   = 1080p@23,976 hz

UHD  format
2160p 23,976 fps   = 1080p/2160p@23,976 hz

Bug list at Firmware 1.0.1-FUTEKO-EN. 21-APR-2016 (22-MAR BUILD)
  • Auto-switch 720p@23,976hz not work:  if resolution is 1980x1080 or above , frame switching is working
  • HimediaVideoPlayer app support only autoswitch 50<>24/23,976 or 60<>24/23,976 from UI to video when needed, but it doesn't work with 50 <> 60; 50 <> 29,97; 60 <>50 hrz

PS: This is a first draft  list i will update a soon as possible with full info, please before report issues check list, it's better send a me PM and than i update the list.

PPS: this list was confirm  and tested before update .

PPPS: please before post check info with MediaInfo:

HiMedia Q5/Q10 4K3D (2014 Generation) / Himedia 10th Birthday
« on: January 10, 2016, 11:49:12 AM »
the company

the people

i was doing some test with my q5 and i have discovered ... Audio HD passthrough and Imprex Processing Engine work with some android app!
really???  :o
YES... i don't know why... but it work!  ;D
Maybe it will came with last firmware or some older..

i have try andorid stock player, es explorer, x-plore, mvideo, fire explorer with mx player not work

i have set Imprex Processing Engine to split screen  :o  and...


with kodi(DVDplayer) NO work... WHY!  >:(  :'(
no HD Auadio

no Imprex Processing Engine

HiMedia H8 / Support HEVC/h.264 10-Bit for 4K/2K/1080p
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:07:47 PM »
One user with other Rk3368 device report this "rk3368 KODI 15.0 Isengard Support hardware decoding,Support 4K HEVC 10-Bit" ,can you test?  :o

i have create a tool to mount share folder(with password) as local , so all android app  work without problem like kodi. 

Please read with attention before ask.


This is home make not uffcial tool from himedia or futeko.

PS futeko: i hope do not violate some forum rules.

HiMedia Q5/Q10 4K3D (2014 Generation) / Q5 and HDMI-CEC problem
« on: June 04, 2015, 03:19:57 PM »
Some user have problem with HDMI-CEC, control with only one remote control many device.
When Q5 HDMI is connect to AV-receiver all device lost CEC link ,so it's not possible control other device(TV, PS3) with AV-receiver controller or with from TV remote controller can't control AV-receiver.  :-\

DIsconnect Q5 (not turn-off, must be removed HDMI cable) all work:
- AV receiver control with CEC all device (TV, PS3 ...)
- TV controll AV receiver

I have tried some audio file mp3, flac ecc,but PCM outputting is always only 48khz ( displaied by my onkyo amp on HDMI input )  :(
mp3/flac       44.1khz   -> 48 khz
FLAC 24BIT/    96kHz  -> 48 khz  >:(
FLAC 24BIT/  192kHz  -> 48 khz  >:(

only: Surround  5.1 FLAC 24BIT/96kHz -> multiPCM 96 khz  :o
DTS-HD at 96 and 192 khz NO problem  8).

HiMedia Q5/Q10 4K3D (2014 Generation) / Nice to be have on himedia Q5...
« on: February 11, 2015, 01:16:52 PM »
I like himedia q5 is great player,but miss same feature:
- watched flag on himedia center, great if is equal kodi watched status( watched, inprogress ecc)
- SMB/SAMBA/NFS mount permanent ( shortcut is nice ), lot of app not work with remote folder.
- stand-by , there is only on/off.
- better info about video playback with himediaplayer , bitrate codec ecc

many thanks.  ;D

hi, himediaplayer support  autoswitch 50<>24 or 60<>24 from ui to video when needed, but it doesn't work with 50<>60 or 60<>50 hrz  :-\.

can be fix it?

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