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I'm wondering if anyone has had any experiences using a microphone with pcristi custom android tv firmware. I'd like to take advantage of the google assistant within certain apps and want to purchase a microphone (USB mode, alternate remote etc,) that is known to work with the HiMedia Q5 Pro. Thanks for any assistance.

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Kodi 18 default skin modification add-on
« on: April 27, 2020, 03:23:10 PM »
One of my pet peeves has always been the inability to change the order of menu items in Kodi. Now I know this can be done by editing XML files but to be honest it was always a pain for me. Anyway after some google searches I found a thread that discussed this request and others re: Kodi skin changes to the default estuary skin. I'm not the author and have no knowledge on the scripting being done but I can verify that it worked exactly as I expected with respect to rearranging menu items although it does much more. See thread for downloading Kodi add-on.

EDIT: Updated Link

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / YouTube version on Q5/10 vs. Play store version
« on: January 28, 2018, 10:06:00 PM »
I noticed that the versions on the himedia box and the play store of YouTube are completely different. There is no update option in the play store but merely an install which installs a separate version of YouTube so that 2 versions exist on the box now. Is the one on the himedia box been modified vs what is in the play store? Any advantages to using the play store version? Thanks for any assistance.

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Movie Bar App Scan Locations
« on: January 07, 2018, 04:26:03 PM »
I have a Q5 Pro and I'm wondering if the Movie Bar app can scan locations other than Lan and SD Card. I have some items on the internal storage of the unit but it has no option to scan. The Hi Media player can scan all items on the SD card and internal to the Q5 but not the Movie Bar. Thanks for any clarification.

HiMedia Q10 Pro, Q5 Pro / Format Required for SD card on Q5 Pro
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:16:44 PM »
I'm trying to get an SD card to work correctly in my Q5 Pro but it won't format correctly. If I place the SD card in the slot with all partitions erased using windows 10 parition manager, and try to format using the settings GUI on Q5 it says done Ok but after still says corrupted. What are the steps to get the Q5 to format the SD card correctly? what formats does the Q5 support? Do I have to format outside of the Q5 first to get it to work correctly? Thanks very much for any help.

Running OFW v2.0.6

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