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Title: Q5/Q10 Pro 110v PSU?
Post by: x70 on February 28, 2016, 02:46:47 AM
would it be possible to deliver a 110v PSU for the Q5/Q10 PRO, either as replacement of the default 230v or in addition to it?
If not possible and the only option I have is to source the PSU by myself, could you please specify the power input requirements of the box?
Many thanks
Title: Re: Q5/Q10 Pro 110v PSU?
Post by: futeko.com on February 29, 2016, 10:36:12 AM
The PSU we supply will be 100-240V so will work with the US 110V power supply.

It will be European 2-pin though so you'll need a pin adapter to convert to US 2-pin. Something like this: https://www.euronetwork.co.uk/converter-plugs/euro-to-us-japan-china-1/euro-cee7-to-us-japan-19-1080

Note that if you order from the US we don't supply the adapter. We are mainly a UK / European retailer and, although we will ship elsewhere, we don't encourage it because customs (and US customs particularly) are a PITA to deal with.