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Title: Himedia HD900b and ACC audio major issue (what was wrong with AC3 ?)
Post by: raptor1015 on August 28, 2019, 04:21:31 PM
hello, I have the old Himedia HD900b...I've been thinking about updating to the Q10 pro because now I'm seeing more and more movie files especially MKV using acc 5.1 and my Parasound C1 processor can't play the audio through the optical cable...

my processor doesn't have HDMI for audio.....I haven't had any probs for yrs now all of a sudden rise in movie files being transcoded this way...

what I have been doing is using Convert to HD or Convert to DVD and letting the program redo the whole movie file with ac3 5.1 and it works fine afterward but a 40 to 45 min wait everytime I want to watch a downloaded movie with this acc crap !

what I'm not going to do is replace a 2000 dollar processor thats for goddamn sure !

all you streaming millennial knuckleheads ! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANTS TO WATCH A FREAKIN MOVIE ON THEIR PHONE OR TABLET unless your on a airplane or train for 20 hrs ?
if you people are really that f*ckin busy in your daily lives,     you might wanna rethink your life's choices ! 

some of us have a calm life with a 65 inch big screen smart tv with over 1700 dvds and blurays, 3d movies etc and a Monster Home Theater set up and don't share a studio apt with ten other people !
....and still believe in QUALITY viewing with actual discs instead of a hard drive full of downloaded AVI, MKV, MP4 files that look and sound like sh*t  most of the time....

but if your watchin it on a 2 INCH screen with a pair of 2 dollars earbuds or crappy beats headphones then it doesn't matter I guess...
Title: Re: Himedia HD900b and ACC audio major issue (what was wrong with AC3 ?)
Post by: futeko.com on August 29, 2019, 12:54:57 PM
That quickly escalated!

HiMedia Q10 Pro is almost 4 years old. I'd recommend something newer, like the the Zidoo players.