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Title: firmware update question
Post by: TripleH on December 21, 2016, 07:29:23 PM
Hi, I bought an M3 last week in Beijing. It seems to have a lot of bells and whistles that are not on your systems; I was hoping to stream chinese TV and movies from France where I live (in addition to play my movie/tv series libraries from USB HD. It looks like i need to have a VPN in order to circumvent the region block (and I could have known this... stupid) although I could use Youku which streams beautifully from within the browser functionality. Still setting it up and playing around  s it came with zero documentation I went and searched and came to your forum. Seeing you have released firmware I'm curious to see what features I would have with your firmware.
The questions is: how can I save and back up the current firmware so I could reinstall this if I would prefer the old system?
Your help is very much appriciated!
Title: Re: firmware update question
Post by: futeko.com on December 22, 2016, 09:36:01 AM
You have the Chinese hardware/software version of M3. It's different to the international version. The Chinese version is focussed on Chinese streaming services whereas the international version has these removed and is mainly a media player.

With Q5/Q10 4K3D the two hardware versions are incompatible for firmware. I'm not 100% sure if it's the same for M3, but I suspect it will be.

So if you flash the international firmware on a Chinese M3 there is a high probability you'll permanently brick it.

It is impossible to back up the firmware. The international firmware, if it did install which I suspect it won't, will not give you access to the Chinese streaming services you want.