How do I pay?

We use Paypal for payment processing. You can pay with either a Paypal account or any major credit/debit card.

You do not need to sign up to a Paypal account to pay with a credit/debit card via Paypal.

PayPal provide you a very high level of security. You are charged by Paypal who then credit us when the transaction is complete. We never have access to your card details. They have comprehensive customer protection policies so you can easily claim your money back in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Secured by PayPal
How PayPal Works

How do I pay with a debit/credit card using Paypal?

After adding item to cart and being taken to the Paypal payment site, select 'Check Out, Pay without a PayPal account'.
To ship to an address different to billing untick 'Send to my billing address' and enter shipping address.

When is the money taken from my bank account?

Payments are usually taken by Paypal from your bank account immediately (including for pre-orders). If you have a Paypal account then Paypal may offer you credit or 'pay after delivery'.

Refunds when the item has not yet been despatched (Paypal policy change March 2020)?

Paypal changed their policies in March 2020 so retailers are not refunded the payment fee when a customer is refunded. We think this is very unfair as it means Paypal receive what can be a large fee for nearly nothing. It also leaves us open to abuse. We could pass this extra cost onto customers by increasing prices across the board, but this would be unfair to all customers. So, for refunds where the item has not yet been despatched, we reserve the right to deduct the Paypal fee amount from the refund total. For all other refunds (30 day change of mind returns / faulty return. etc) we will not charge a fee.

What currency am I charged in?

Prices are charged in £GBP with conversion to local currency at Paypal's prevailing exchange rate.

Are the Euro / $USD prices accurate?

The Euro / $USD price on our site is approximate, based on the current spot (headline) exchange rate plus 3%. We have found this to be fairly accurate at predicting the Paypal exchange rate. Paypal will inform you of the exact exchange rate at time of payment.


Will I have to pay tax/customs duty?

We send all items from the UK, so UK and EU customers will have zero import duty or any other taxes to pay.

I have an EU VAT number, can I reclaim VAT?

Yes. If you are in the UK or European Union and are a VAT registered entity (i.e. you have a VAT number) then you can reclaim the VAT element of the price. We issue a VAT invoice as standard with all orders.

I have an EU VAT number, will you sell without VAT?

In general, yes. Email us to request a custom Paypal invoice. We would prefer that you order as usual and reclaim the VAT element from your local tax authority (giving the same VAT free result). We issue a VAT invoice as standard with all orders.

I am outside of the EU, will you sell without VAT?

Our prices are exclusive of VAT for non-EU delivery. Contact us for more info.

Why do you ask for a telephone number when paying using Paypal?

Providing a telephone number is optional but for high value items being sent by courier it is helpful for us to pass your telephone number to the delivery courier (UPS/DPD etc). We keep no record of telephone numbers and will not use your number for anything except to pass to the delivery courier.


Why don't you offer telephone support?

Telephone support is near useless for tech products. It is much easier to guide through menus and explain complicated settings by email/forum where detailed replies can be given.

Is your Kodi 'fully loaded'?

No. All products we sell with Kodi pre-installed have a clean install with no additional add-ons.

How do I return an item?

See here: Returns Questions.

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